We offer guided, accessible train excursions from Paris to other parts of France,
and beyond. Your guide will meet you at your residence, then proceed either on
foot or by bus or taxi to the train station, with your guide doing the pushing. We
take care of arranging for a ramp to access the train, if needed.

Chateau de Versailles  We know how to avoid
the long, long line to get in.You can have lunch on
the grounds or in the city of Versailles.
Manual chairs only)

Chateau de Fontainebleau  A less-crowded
alternative to Versailles, Fontainebleau Castle
is one of the largest in France.
Lunch in the village of Avon will follow the visit.
Manual chairs only)

Rouen, the capital of Normandie  
About an hour's ride from Paris, Rouen is
famous for its architecture and arts.

Giverny  Home of Monet's Gardens and the
American Museum of Art.

Granville  Spend 2 days and a night in this vibrant,
colorful port city in the La Manche region of Normandie,
see the beaches and visit Le Mont St. Michel.

London, Brussels, or Amsterdam  Trips that will take you under the English
Channel or across the frontier into Belgium or Holland. Option to stay overnight.
Pack your bag and say "au revoir, Paris!"
Visit Paris in your wheelchair